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Q: I don't have a credit card, is it possible to subcribe any other way?

A: Yes! Create an account and then head over to the 'Support' tab to make an offline payment.

Q: Can I rewatch volumes after they have been aired?
A: Yes! Volumes will be made available to be viewed on demand once the season has completed.

Q: Is it allowed to share accounts with my friends & family?

A: Account/Plans are for a single user only, we will be monitoring activity and banning accounts that are being accessed from multiple devices.

Q: Will I get a refund if I get caught sharing my account?

A: Refunds will not be issued to accounts the breach our terms and conditions.

Q: I would love to perform on The Platform Live! Can I join?

A: We are not accepting submissions for Season 1 but send us over your information via @ThePlatformMY!


Q: I am not interested in buying a Season Pass, I just want to buy a single volume pass but its not on sale and I dont know when my favourite act will be performing..
A: Lineups for each volume will only be released one week prior to the show date, upon announcement you will be able to purchase a single pass for that specific volume.

Q: I bought a single volume pass but now I want a season pass, can I get a refund on my single volume pass?

A: Refunds will not be issued if you change your mind on your purchase so save your money and get that season pass!

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